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Lynnes Labels is the easy and affordable solution to ensuring your lost or misplaced clothing finds its rightful owner. Operating for over 14 years, Lynnes Labels has a proven track record of providing fast and friendly service. Read the great reviews from our satisfied customers.

You will be pleased at just how easy our labels are to apply to all types of garments. Our clothing labels are ideal for pre-schoolers, students, sports teams, hospital patients or rest home residents. These labels are perfect for anyone whose items may get mixed up, lost or confused.

Lynnes Labels label material can be either ironed on or sewn on.

The material is flexible and thin enough to be easily sewn on, yet contains a ‘dry’ adhesive that with the application of a hot iron will bond permanently with the fabric – either garments, school bags, gym bags, socks, pencil cases and more.  This means that whether you prefer to add a few quick stitches or apply labels while doing the ironing, you’re just minutes away from having fully personalised, labelled garments.  The process is simple for all skill levels – it doesn’t matter if you’re a domestic God/Goddess or if you can’t thread a needle to save your life!  With our iron on option, you can quickly and easily ensure that you, your family, your school kids, your staff or your clients never again mix-up or misplace an item of clothing… our labels help your belongings to find their way home!

If applied correctly the labels can be repeatedly laundered and tumble dried, and outlast the useful life of the garment.  Our clothing labels will pay for themselves several times over by saving you time and money spent in looking for or replacing lost belongings.

Don’t Lose It – Label It!